Safety First’s expert safety consultants assist building owners and property managers across New Zealand with fire evacuation compliance and emergency management consulting services.


Fire Evacuation Consultants

Safety First takes pride in providing effective and value-added fire evacuation scheme management solutions to ensure your organisation complies with the Fire & Emergency New Zealand Act and the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations. Our fire evacuation plans are carefully developed to both satisfy Fire Service requirements, and to address the needs of building owners and tenants.

Our NZQA accredited evacuation consultants have implemented and continue to manage over 2,000 fire evacuation plans nationwide. Our clients include some of NZ’s largest corporations, with fire evacuation planning completed for every kind of building from hospitals and schools to sports facilities, apartment buildings, industrial sites and even zoos.


Fire Evacuation Scheme Implementation & Management

Following site inspection or a review of building plans, your Safety First consultant will develop a customised fire evacuation plan, including an assembly area plan, design of emergency procedure safety signs and an application for submission to the New Zealand Fire Service for approval.

Once the fire evacuation plan is approved by the Fire Service, Safety First will install fire safety signs and provide any other products required for your fire evacuation scheme. We will also liaise with building tenants to appoint and train fire wardens, or carry out building occupant training.

In order for a fire evacuation plan to remain operative, the owner of the building is required to maintain the scheme by running six-monthly fire evacuation drills, or training and assessing the capability of the permanent occupants to manage a fire evacuation.

Safety First specialises in providing these services to ensure the ongoing maintenance of fire evacuation schemes. This service provides building owners with demonstrable compliance with the requirements of the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations.

We can also provide an audit of your systems by facilitating a complete full systems test, in consultation with contractors, which coincides with a trial fire evacuation to ensure that building systems will function reliably in a real emergency.

Please contact us about creating and or managing a fire evacuation procedure or scheme for your property.


Safety First provides a range of fire safety training options; from basic staff fire safety and fire warden training to online fire warden training and specialist fire safety training.

Please contact us if you would like further information or need a customised module developed. You can view our current courses in our fire safety training section.

Emergency Evacuation Chairs

Safety First are proud to supply New Zealand organisations with EvacuLife Escape Chairs, and training on use of the evacuation chairs in an emergency.

Evacuation chairs may be useful for large building complexes like hospitals, aged care facilities and apartment buildings to assist with evacuating anyone with limited mobility – from heavily pregnant women to anyone with a leg in a cast, or permanent physical limitations.